Xpand Biotechnology BV


The core activity of XPAND Biotechnology BV (18 FTE, 12 RTD) is to develop an innovative bioreactor platform technology to replace conventional 2D adherent cell expansion in tissue culture plates by fully automated 3D expansion in a closed system on the bench.  The company is focused on research and development and the commercialization of the results of its research projects. It has a long track record in development of technology for cell expansion. Management has strong scientific knowledge in the field, as well as proven success in commercialization of research projects. In the past several grant projects have been successfully completed.  The company is committed to the development of a cell expansion system. The results of the REACH project are essential for a successful development of a disposable bioreactor system that meets market requirements.  XPAND has both led and participated in several research projects that demonstrated the potential of its technology.  XPAND has been successful in bringing together expertise from different areas to come to innovative solutions for its bioreactor process. In addition, the management of XPAND has a proven track record of bringing products to market.

Main tasks in the REACH project

Task 1: Development of a closed system bioreactor; Task 2: Integration of sensor technology; Task 3: Development of biological expansion process; Task 4: Strategy development for exploitation; Task 5: Scientific Project leader

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