REACH project at MSC2 meeting

MSC2 meeting

On 7-8 September 2015, partners from the REACH consortium attended the MSC2 meeting in Leiden. This meeting brought together EU-funded consortia that aimed to further research with mesenchymal stem cells. The REACH project was presented by Dr. Ruud Das of Xpand Biotechnology. The other consortia that presented their research were Stellar, RETHRIM, VISICORT, ADIPOA-2, REDDSTAR, SCIENCE, NEPHSTROM and MERLIN.

Apart from presentations of the respective consortia, additional panel discussions were held on regulatory and ethical issues, commercialization and technology development. Future harmonization of MSC research was also discussed.

Scinus Cell Expansion to Las Vegas and London

The Scinus Cell Expansion system was presented at two more conferences in May 2015. The World Stem Cell & Regenerative Medicince Congress at the Business Design Center in London was the first stop, followed by the ISCT annual meeting in Las Vegas. Xpand Biotechnology presented the latest innovations in the bioreactor technology, as well as the achievements in process development. Along with a stand displaying the bioreactor platform, Xpand presented two posters; on process optimization and the culture of adipose stem cells using microcarriers. These abstracts are available in the congress issue of Cytotherapy, or on request from Xpand Biotechnology.

Scinus Cell Expansion system presented at ISCT 2014 and World Stem Cells Congress

Xpand Biotechnology BV presented its Scinus Cell Expansion system for the first time at the conference of the International Society for Cellular Therapy in Paris (23-26 April). Here, interested scientists from academia and industry got the opportunity to get a first-hand impression of the closed bioreactor system for the production of cell therapies.


Scientific posters available

The first output of the REACH consortium will be presented at the 20th annual meeting of the International Society for Cellular Therapy in Paris on 23-26 April. Here, some of the collaborative research will be presented in three poster presentations. The work details the research of the consortium partners into cell characterizarion, improved environmental and process control and the use of platelet lysate for microcarriers culture.

ISCT 2014 poster Cells
ISCT 2014 poster System
ISCT 2014 poster PL

The Scinus Cell Expansion system explained

The Scinus Cell Expansion system is a unique system for the clinical scale production of cell therapy products. The people over at In60Seconds did a great job at capturing the essence of the technology. Check out the video they made for us to learn more about the advantages of the Scinus Cell Expansion system.

The Scinus Cell Expansion system explained

The Scinus Cell Expansion system explained

The REACH project will officially start on July 1st 2013

July 1st 2013 is the official start date of the REACH project. The project will take a total of three years, culminating in an innovative platform for cell culture in cell therapy applications. The Kick Off meeting will take place on July 8th in Bilthoven at the facilities of Xpand Biotechnology BV.